Argumentative essay on polar bears

Maybe you have seen them on television advertisements if you watch television occasionally. There are white polar bears that are drinking Coca-Cola on sea ice. I think not only me but also you want to see polar bears in reality. They usually live in the North Pole and South Pole.

Argumentative essay on polar bears

The polar bear is under a threat. The threat started with a single specie. Humans have thrown the world out of balance, by satisfying their own needs. Not even thinking once about their own foolishness. The Sermeq Kyjalleq glacier is on the verge of melting.

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If it melts, sea levels will rise, the polar bear will go extinct. Human activity threatens polar bears by two levels. The first level of madness is hunting.

The Eskimos are occupying the Artic. They behead defenseless cubs every day.

Argumentative essay on polar bears

But the government of Russia is doing nothing! Instead, they sit back, watch and occasionally buying fur coats from the Eskimos, encouraging them to hunt even more. The second level of threat is global warming.

People always use plastic bags, not even thinking once about the lives destroyed by these bags. These bags are used once or twice and then thrown away. We should use paper bags because even though they are not eco-friendly, they are easy to use from our daily supply of leftover paper.

We HAVE the option to change from plastic to paper. Now back to the polar bear. For polar bears, the reduction in sea ice is considered a major threat, putting it on the dreaded endangered species list.

Some polar bears are frozen to death in water because they have no platform to rest on after hunting, leaving them to drown. Cubs face miserable lives being cramped in cages the size of a shoebox. Others are too traumatized and die moments after release.

Usually when the cubs are able to get out of their prison. The fire to protect the polar bear is spreading.

More and more people are getting devoted to join the cause! The sad reality is that the destruction of the Artic is unavoidable because all this happened because of humans. We can delay the destruction by reducing our garbage, reusing things like plastic bags and recycling products that you used such as a water bottle.

Polar bears face extinction because of us.

We have to help them, for they helped us survive by providing fur coats and meat. Save the polar bears. We started this, now we have to end this…. If you do the following then another person will do the same watching you. Then more and more people will do the same.Articles about polar bears.

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The dust bowl worksheet answers what is the bar exam like. polar bears Essay. Polar bears in the Arctic are tremendously affected by pollution now.

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As global warming progresses, wind and water currents carry pollutants, most of which come from industrial sources in different parts of the world, and cause them to travel to the Arctic because of the ‘conveyor belt’ nature of the atmosphere and ocean (Yarim ).

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By Lisa Feldkamp. December 3, Follow Lisa Twitter Facebook Mail Print. A polar bear in the Hudson Bay population. + Existing zoos and new specially designed . Global Warming and its Impact on Polar Bears Argumentative Essay by Master Researcher Global Warming and its Impact on Polar Bears A persuasive paper on the dangers of global warming and its impact on polar bears.

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