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You would expect that when NASA asks you to be the first man to walk on the Moon that they would consider the possibility of things going wrong. All three astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission decided to create a plan of their own to support their families if something bad was to happen.

Before the Apollo 11 mission in July when all three astronauts were in pre-launch quarantinethey signed hundred of autographs and sent them to a friend. This way they could make some money by selling the signatures of the Apollo 11 crew.

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Neil Armstrong can smell the moon dust after the first moonwalk. One thing that surprised the astronauts who visited the Moon was the strong odour of the lunar dust which they were only able to smell when they got back inside the Lunar Module. After coming into contact with oxygen for the first time inside the Lunar Module, the four billion years old moon dust produced a pungent smell.

As most of the astronauts had a military history they could compare the aroma to that of gun powder. This distinct smell remains a mystery as moon dust and gun powder have no similar compounds and the exact explanation remains unknown.

Suit for a moonwalk Image credit: The kind of expertise required seems beyond our general understanding.

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The spacesuits that the astronauts wore in the Apollo 11 missions were made by little old ladies, a bit like the ones in the Shreddies advert. Hamilton Standard blamed the ILC causing the fashion company to lose their contract. A handful of retired ILC employees saw their chance and broke into their old offices, stealing back their original suit designs that had previously been overlooked.

After a lot of hard work the employees submitted their design to NASA who were impressed. As you can imagine, in the microgravity of space, there are a few things you would have great difficulty with.

Well as you can imagine everything in microgravity floats and when I say everything I mean everything…therefore going to spend a penny in space is not easy.

Nowadays astronauts staying in the International Space Station have a specially designed toilet that they can seatbelt themselves onto whilst a suction device can aid them with any waste disposal.

Some claim that this minor fault actually pushed the LM four miles off from where it was originally supposed to land. Aldrin climbing down the ladder. He was careful not to close the hatch.

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were heading out to explore the Moon they both had to remember not to fully close the door on the Landing Module behind them. Aldrin and Armstrong joked about leaving the door open: Now I want to back up and partially close the hatch. Long Pause Making sure not to lock it on my way out.

Laughs A particularly good thought. Well there was indeed a handle on the hatch complete with instructions! Apollo 11 landed more softly than expected.

So his first step out onto the Moon was actually close to a four foot jump onto the lunar surface. Whenever you ask children what the astronauts who visited the Moon have left behind, the first hand up in the room always mentions the American flag.

However, the fate of that flag is quite sad as it was later knocked over when Armstrong and Aldrin launched the Lunar Module back into lunar orbit to join with Collins in the Command Module.

After Aldrin hit the button to begin the launch he looked out the window and watched as the infamous flag was blasted away with the rest of the material left behind on the lunar surface.Dr.

Cu boulder thesis archives

Ben Barres, a neurobiologist at Stanford, said in reference to Dr. Bailey’s thesis in the book, “Bailey seems to make a living by claiming that the things people hold most deeply true are not true.

ARCHIVES and KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Scholarly online resource evidence and records for use by genealogists and family historians. The Happy/Productive Worker thesis Revisited Chapter.

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The Origin of the Initial Farming Population of the Northern Rio Grande, Zachary J. Cooper. PDF. Entanglements of Urban Art in Oaxaca Mexico, William Bishop Lammons.

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November ; Categories. Cu boulder. A University of Colorado student is utilizing an online bear-related survey as part of her master's thesis on human-bear conflicts in the area, the results of which she hopes can be used to.

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