Different dining experiences

Facebook Twitter Toronto is known for having an excellent culinary culture, including some very one-of-a-kind dining experiences. Here are 9 unique dining experiences in the city. Expect to be greeted with shouts, eat at communal tables, and have a really good time.

Different dining experiences

Adults with Allergies Blog Editor 2 Comments I travel once a month for work to a small town where I stay for 3 nights.

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The town has limited restaurant options but enough to give me a variety of foods from which to choose. For this blog post, I want to highlight my experiences at a Tex Mex chain restaurant in particular.

That being said, I want to share two stories of how you can sometimes have completely different experiences at the same restaurant. What I mean by this is that I saw no peanuts on the menu and the only tree nuts were located in the salad section of the menu, which seems to be very normal these days.

They also have a little blurb on the menu outlining their caution with food allergies and their ability to accommodate those living with food allergies. When I got to the restaurant, I let my server know about the severity of my food allergy.

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She assured me that the restaurant staff are very careful with food preparation in the back and that she would let everyone who handles the food know about my allergy.

A few minutes later, the manager approached my table to inform me of their protocols. I was blown away by the awareness and the careful preparation that their restaurant protocol followed. I was served my meal and the wait staff followed up with me twice to ensure everything was going well, and I have to say, it definitely went well.

I walked away feeling quite impressed with my new experience! Where it got weird was when the manager followed up with my meal after I had taken a few bites.


I just wanted to share these stories to demonstrate how experiences can sometimes be amazing or weird at the same place for the same person. Diligence is my number one protector and as long as I am thorough in minimizing my risk, I can feel safe eating out and experiencing the wide world of eating while on the road!Types of Service and Table Settings in Waiter and Waitress Training Types of Service and Table Settings in Waiter and Waitress Training.

Whether you are new at managing a restaurant, There can be three different forms of service offered at any given meal. French table service is when your salad course is brought out to the table in a large.

Different dining experiences

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Different dining experiences

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