Film review stella dallas

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Film review stella dallas

Children, parents, siblings, whatever the case may be, the familial bond is clearly evident. In particular, she has her sons Alex Wolff and Nat Wolff playing siblings and her onscreen children.

Even as other moments in this film turn cliched, the chemistry between the three always rings true. Much of the pleasure found here is in seeing the Wolff boys play off each other.

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It has the conversational feel of authenticity. Oliver is still in high school in Queens, while Jack has left for college. When Jack returns home, they pick up like nothing has changed. Jack is there to help the family say goodbye to their elderly dog Stella.

Things take a turn when Oliver tells Jack about his new girlfriend. Oliver is completely unaware and wants the three of them to spend time together.

That close proximity leads to some awkward situations, especially as Violet begins falling for them both. This is a perfect vehicle for both of the Wolff boys. The movie lives and dies on your enjoyment of their company. The three of them are best in show, as Paulina Singer is a bit underdeveloped as a romantic pairing.

Singer is fine, but just not as memorable.

A DVD or Blu-ray review by Glenn Erickson (DVD Savant) of the film Stella Dallas. Film Reviews; Film Review: ‘Stella’s Last Weekend’ is a Family Affair on Both Sides of the Camera. By. Joey Magidson - Oct 12, Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. tweet; There’s a special kind of alchemy that can be found when relatives share the screen. Children, parents, siblings, whatever the case may be, the familial bond is., the ultimate source for everything movies, is your destination for new movie trailers, reviews, photos, times, tickets + more!Stay in the know with the latest movie news and cast interviews at

The same goes for Sandow. Draper and the Wolff gentlemen make this one what it ultimately is. Polly Draper is not just a solid actress, but an effective filmmaker as well.

Her direction focuses on the dialogue and looks at her children with a quiet admiration. Her script is full of funny lines, though in the third act it veers toward a lot of cliches.

Luckily, Draper finds a way to make the impending death of a dog, not a complete heartbreaker. She even makes the behind-the-scenes aspect a family affair as well, with Michael Wolff on hand doing the music. They all must be very proud of the final product. Surrounding a love triangle with this animal subplot was tricky, but Draper pulled it off.

This easily could have been little more than a vanity project. Instead, the film is a charmer with a lot going for it. If you seek this movie out, it will almost certainly bring a smile to your face.Film Review “Stella Days” With “Stella Days”, Martin can add priest to his line-up.

This film has feel good aspects with a simple sleepy town feel. I enjoyed it overall and includes stellar (a little clever word play) performance from Martin Sheen. Stella Dallas is soap, but it is soap that you can readily watch without feeling ashamed of yourself.

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There are one or two awkward plot contrivances but overall the story is told with restraint and genuine feeling, without the heavy-handed mawkish excesses that ruin many comparable films.

Stella Dallas is a American drama film based on the Olive Higgins Prouty novel of the same name. It was directed by King Vidor, and stars Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, and Anne Shirley.

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Nat and Alex Wolff play brothers in love with the same woman in 'Stella's Last Weekend,' a romantic dramedy written and directed by their real-life mother Polly Draper.

Film review stella dallas
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