My most special moment

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My most special moment

My most special moment

Report Story My most special moment My alarm clock went off this morning at its usual time, seven thirty. I tiredly jumped out of bed and put on my dressing gown. After a few hours of cleaning around I went and woke up my daughter.

My lovely daughter Lydia. She is twelve years old and is suffering from leukaemia. Hopefully today would be a better day. As I made my way downstairs I heard the post coming through the door so I wandered down the hall and picked it up.

Right at the back I noticed a letter with no indication of what it was. Quickly I opened it. Briefly scanning through the letter it became clear to me that this was the letter I had been waiting three weeks for! I was literally jumping up and down on the spot with a wide grin.

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I tried as best as I could to contain myself throughout the morning, trying not to let on to Lyds about the letter I had received. I put on her coat and then carried her to the car, putting her wheelchair in the boot just in case she needed it.

I quickly ran back inside and shoved my coat on. After about twenty minutes on the road I came to a holt. I looked at her face as it turned from confusion to happiness.

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Happiness was clearly evident in her eyes. This though, was just the beginning. I slowly walked behind Lydia as she was led into the stage area of the Arena.

Her eyes went wide as she walked through the door, there standing and cheering were all of our family and her school friends. She looked at me excitedly but confused.

Thank you so, so, so MUCH! To the right of me was my brother ready to record Lydia. All friends and family of Lydia flooded the floor area of the Arena. A soft chatter filled the air, when all of a sudden the lights dimmed and a spotlight came on the stage, all eyes were to the front.

My heart was swelling with pride and happiness. I glanced around the room and it seemed everyone was mesmerised by what they were seeing. It seemed if anyone spoke then the spell that everyone was under would break.Dec 12,  · Best Answer: My most memorable birthday was the day I was born, February 29th (), leap day!

What makes my birthday even more special is that I share my birthday with my mom.

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Being born on leap day is rare enough on its own but, its even more rare to share that birthday with a parent; 1 in million odds to be exact!Status: Resolved. My most special moment Amanda Chu, Grade 7, Glen Eira College Short Story Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Amanda Chu and I’m 12 years old now.

I live with my parents and my younger twin brothers. As you’re reading this story, you are actually reading about my life.

Jul 17,  · Letter # most special moment of my whole mission!

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Hey my fam and friends. This week was great.

My most special moment

The mission is pretty dang cool. The GOSPEL is pretty dang cool. Two of our investigators, Barbie and Ryan are both on date for the 22nd!!:) Before I talk about.

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