Perfect life partner essay

Qualities in a Life Partner Most single people have a list of qualities they want in a life partner. While this might seem obvious, most people have no idea how to determine whether a potential partner is ready and willing to make a commitment. But this goes for you too. Do you still want to kiss or kill an ex?

Perfect life partner essay

How to Choose the Right Life Partner

Tetiba rasa nk update blog. Idea dah datang kan, tak boleh nk buat apa dah. Hari tu Sir Letchu gave us a homework. Penat tau nk perah otak memikirkan isi isi essay ni, yelah maklumlah tajuk pun pasal life partner kan so mestilah nk yang perfect jee.

So yeahh, enjoy reading it: It is normal to have dreams about our life partners but we should be realistic.

Sometimes, imagination is fun although we know we might not achieve it. I bet many peoples have dream about their own life partners. For me, the physical appearances of my ideal life partner would be a good looking guy. He also must be taller than me.

I would also love a guy who knows how to take good care of his appearances and look tidy all the time. Besides that, inner beauty is one of the most important criteria that I'm looking for.

The guy must be smart and responsible, have a good sense of humor and loyal to me.

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In addition, he should be caring, romantic and gentlemen. Other than that, he should also know how to respect woman. Another important criteria is education. I love a guy who is well educated and have good manners.

He doesn't have to be so popular, a good reputation is just enough. Furthermore, the guy must be interested in sports for I love sports guy. Moreover, my future husband must be financially secure but not over ambitious. He must know how to spend money wisely and save money for the future.

Ideal life partner | Essay Example

So, if a guy has all the criteria I have mentioned, he would be the ideal life partner for me. But the most important thing is, he can be a super great dad to my children in the future.Manu declares that the perfect man is one who constitutes a trinity made up of his wife, himself and their offspring (), The wife being a gift from the Gods (),she ought to be supported to the end of her life.

Perfect life partner essay

In my view three characteristics are essential for a marriage partner. Compatibility is very important, because spending the rest of your life with someone is a huge commitment, and without compatibility in values and interests, and goals, it could be a struggle rather than a partnership.

Essay title: What Is a Perfect Life?

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Choosing a life4/5(1). Perfect Life Partner Essay Academic Writing Service My Ideal Family An Student Paragraph Uniq. Uploaded. at Thursday, September 27th AM under Essay . My Ideal Partner essaysAs a woman of the 21st Century, the ideal partner would be one of authority, prosperity and exceptional appearance.

Despite the fact that technology and science have made much positive advancement, through cosmetic alterations and amplified finances, the advancement of a woma.

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