Remainder and points

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Remainder and points

SQL is a programming language and, like other programming languages such as C, it is language invariant. The SQL keywords must be typed as shown, although they may be typed in uppercase, lowercase, or mixed case.

The names of database objects, host variables and program labels that occur in an SQL statement cannot contain characters outside the database manager extended character set as described above.

Characters are unshaped, but LamAlef ligatures are kept, and not broken into constituents. By default, this variable is not set. This variable is used by the server for all conversions, and can only be set when the server is started.

Remainder and points

If you select a CCSID which is not correct for code page or string type of your client platform, results would be unexpected. This is necessary because, in DRDA environment, code page conversions and layout transformations are performed by the receiver of data.

The database manager compares character data using a collating sequence. Shop with Points

This is an ordering for a set of characters that determines whether a particular character sorts higher, lower, or the same as another. For example, a Remainder and points sequence can be used to indicate that lowercase and uppercase versions of a particular character are to be sorted equally. The database manager allows databases to be created with custom collating sequences.

The following sections help you determine and implement a particular collating sequence for a database. Overview In a database, each single-byte character is represented internally as a unique number between 0 andin hexadecimal notation, between X'00' and X'FF'. This number is referred to as the code point of the character.

A collating sequence is a mapping between the code point and the desired position of each character in a sorted sequence.

The numeric value of the position is called the weight of the character in the collating sequence. The simplest collating sequence is one where the weights are identical to the code points. This is called the identity sequence. For example, consider the characters B X'42'and b X'62'.

If, according to the collating sequence table, they both have a sort weight of X'42' Bthen they collate the same. Actual weights depend on the collating sequence table used which depends on the code set and locale. Note that a collating sequence table is not the same as a code page table which defines code points.

Consider the following example. To describe a collating sequence where these are sorted in order, and consecutively no intervening charactersyou can write X'41', X'42', For multi-byte characters, the hexadecimal value of the multi-byte character is also used as the weight.

For example, X'', X'' are the code points for double byte character A and B.

Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem

In this case, you can write X'', X'' as the collating sequence for double byte characters A and B. These are also the code points for A and B. The values of the weights in a collating sequence need not be unique. For example, you could give uppercase letters and their lowercase equivalents the same weight.

Specifying the collating sequence can be simplified if a collating sequence provides weights for all code points. The weight of each character can be determined using the code point of the character. This is the method used to specify a collating sequence for the database manager: In the case of multi-byte character sets, DB2 uses the collation table which was specified at database creation time.

If you require the multi-byte characters to sort the way they appear in their code point table, you must specify IDENTITY as your collation sequence when you create the database.

Character Comparisons Once a collating sequence is established, character comparison is performed by comparing the weights of two characters, instead of directly comparing their code point values. If weights that are not unique are used, characters that are not identical may compare equally.

Because of this, string comparison must be a two-phase process: Compare the characters of each string based on their weights. If step 1 yielded equality, compare the characters of each string based on their code point values.

If the collating sequence contains unique weights, only the first step is performed.

Remainder and points

If the collating sequence is the identity sequence only the second step is performed. In either case, there is a performance benefit. For more information on character comparisons, see the SQL Reference Case Independent Comparisons To perform character comparisons that are independent of whether they are upper or lower case, you can use the TRANSLATE function to select and compare mixed case column data by translating it to upper case, but only for the purposes of comparison.Shop with Points at is a fast and convenient way to use your rewards points.

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