Sweet memories ni school

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Sweet memories ni school

Makoto Furukawa Banri is a freshman studying law in a private university in Tokyo.

Sweet memories ni school

His hometown is in Shizuoka Prefectureand he now lives alone in a small apartment. The day after his third-year high school graduation ceremony, he fell from a bridge, and now suffers from severe retrograde amnesiaunable to remember anything from before the accident.

He missed the college entrance exam and one year of school because of his hospitalization. He possesses his memories from before the accident. She is extremely popular among boys, but has few friends, due to people being intimidated and scared to talk to her because of her beauty.

To all appearances, she is the perfect lady. Since elementary school, she has been obsessed with Mitsuo, her childhood friend. In that time, she made a promise to marry Mitsuo, and ever since had been making her plans so that everything would come out perfect.

After Mitsuo finally makes her understand that her feelings are not reciprocated she starts spending more time with Banri, falls in love with him and they start dating. Sweet memories ni school Ishikawa Mitsuo is a freshman studying law in the same university as Banri.

After the entrance ceremony, heading for freshman orientation, he gets lost on the campus, and meets and befriends Banri.

He secretly took the exam to this university in an attempt to escape from her. He lives alone in an apartment three train stops away from Banri's.

Mitsuo has a crush on Chinami and even confessed to her at a party, only to be rejected, since she thought it was an alcohol-fueled joke. He later becomes romantically interested in Linda. She and Banri were best friends in high school, and Banri was in love with her.

Although he has no memory of her, she was the reason he was on the bridge he fell from, waiting for her to either reject or accept his love with "yes" or "no". It is later revealed that she still has feelings for Banri when she met him outside the hospital he escaped from while her being represented to have enormous guilt towards Banri's accident before losing his memories.

She even tells him it was already too late for her to reach him and save him by holding his hands tight.

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When Banri asks her what message she wants him to deliver, Linda talks about supporting him to do his best yet she adds she must not talk that way and therefore changing what she wants to tell him afterwards.

However, Banri currently doesn't remember her final words. Takahiro Hikami Nijigen is a freshman and Banri's friend. He gains his nickname at the tea ceremony club's welcoming party after declaring his despair of the three-dimensional world and that he would live for the two-dimensional world from then on.

He plays a prominent role in the final stages of the story.

Alternative Names

Chinami is the object of Mitsuo's desire who confessed to her at a party, but she turned him down later saying it "doesn't count as a real confession. She later falls in love with Mitsuo after realising his crush on Linda. She plays in a band and acts similarly to the character of the same name in the manga Nana.

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Sweet memories ni school

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