The impact of brand endorsements on

Feb Branding and Celebrity Endorsements Nike is known around the world for being one of the most iconic brands. In spite of many market maneuvers such as the recent merger between Adidas and ReebokNike has remained the leader in its category. Nike is also very well known for another aspect and that is its consistent use of celebrities to endorse the brand.

The impact of brand endorsements on

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Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Overall Brand

Of Economics University of Delhi Abstract: The practice of celebrity endorsements has proliferated over time. Now days it has become a pervasive element of advertising industry especially in India.

The impact of brand endorsements on

Celebrity endorsement business has become a multi-million industry in India. Marketers use celebrity endorsers to influence the purchase decision of consumers in order to increase their sales and extend their market shares. This made the author curious to explore the impact of celebrity endorsements on consumer buying behaviour.

This paper focuses on examining the perception of Indian consumers about celebrity endorsements, examining the celebrity attributes likely to influence consumer purchase intentions and finally the impact of celebrity endorsements on their purchase intention.

This project begins with the review of existing literature available on celebrity endorsements, which provides an insight into the research topic and clarifies many important aspects related to the subject. A quantitative method is used for this research project to investigate the perceptions International Research Journal of Commerce Arts and Science http: The data is collected through a questionnaire and later analysed using the data analysis software program SPSS.

It was proven in this research that consumers find celebrity endorsements more attractive and influential as compared to non-celebrity endorsements. Moreover, the tested attributes show positive relationship with purchase intention.

In other terms, celebrity attributes do impact the purchase intention of consumers. Finally, the results of the study prove that celebrity endorsements positively impact the purchase intention of the consumers. In helping to achieve this, use of celebrity endorsers is a widely used marketing strategy.

In this modern age, people tend to ignore all commercials and advertisements while flipping through the magazines and newspapers or viewing TV. But even then, the glamour of a celebrity seldom goes unnoticed.

The impact of brand endorsements on

Thus, celebrity endorsement in advertisement and its impact on the overall brand is of great significance. In this process, the companies hire celebrities from a particular field to feature in its advertisement campaigns. The promotional features and images of the product are matched with the celebrity image, which tends to persuade a consumer to fix up his choice from a variety of brands.

Companies invest large sums of money to align their brands and themselves with endorsers. Such endorsers are seen as dynamic with both attractive and likeable qualities and companies plan that these qualities are transferred to products via marcom activities.

Similarly every product has an image. The celebrity endorser fits in between these two interactions, where he tries to bring the image of the product closer to the expectation of the consumer, by transferring some of the cultural meanings residing in his image to the product.

In the report, We have focused on the impact of celebrity endorsement on the overall process of brand building and also tried to define: The general belief among advertisers is that brand communication messages delivered by celebrities and famous personalities generate a higher appeal, attention and recall than those executed by non-celebrities.

A brand should be cautious when employing celebrities to ensure promise, believability and delivery of the intended effect. They also succeed in creating an aspiration in the minds of the consumer to acquire what their favourite celebrity endorses.

The one billion people of the country are speckled in terms of beliefs, ethnicity, states, culture, language, norms and values. Other aspects such as the economic discrepancy in the country separates it in a way which has resulted in a large number of lower and upper middle class, with a very small class falling under in the middle class.

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This demonstrates a vast disparity in the buying power and decision making clout, one which the advertisers should keep in mind.In the report, We have focused on the impact of celebrity endorsement on the overall process of brand building and also tried to define: how to make celebrity endorsement a win-win situation for both the brand and the brand-endorser.

Endorsement is a channel of brand communication in which a celebrity acts as the brand’s spokesperson and certifies the brand’s claim and position by extending his/her personality, popularity, status in society or expertise in the field to the brand. Celebrity endorsement is generally seen as a viable option for brands to increase awareness, build credibility and promote products.

Around % of advertisements aired in the US featured celebrities that endorsed products and brands. source and brand, transfer of culturally constituted meanings, and influence on the sales of the products they endorse.

Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Buying Behavior

The first benefit attributed to this tool is that a campaign. While the magnitude of the impact of celebrity endorsement remains under the purview of gray spectacles, this paper is an effort to analyze the impact of celebrity endorsements on brands.

brand and the celebrity (Milward BrownBrasil, ; Guimarães, ;Leschnikowski,Schweizer, & Drengner, ). Taking into account the relevance of this marketing tool, the objective of thisstudy is to investigate the influence exerted by celebrities endorsement in advertisements on .

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