The support for art in the us

Creativity and empathy are key attributes of successful learners and leaders. Creativity fuels discovery, originality and invention while empathy brings mutuality, compromise and collaborative innovation.

The support for art in the us

Sign up now Social support: Tap this tool to beat stress Having close friends and family has far-reaching benefits for your health. And the lack of social support can lead to isolation and loneliness. What is a social support network? A social support network is made up of friends, family and peers.

Social support is different from a support group, which is generally a structured meeting run by a lay leader or mental health professional.

It provides the comfort of knowing that your friends are there for you if you need them. A coffee break with a friend at work, a quick chat with a neighbor, a phone call to your sibling, a visit to a house of worship or volunteer work are all ways to develop and foster lasting relationships with others.

Risks of isolation and benefits of social support Studies have demonstrated that social isolation and loneliness are associated with a greater risk of poor mental health and poor cardiovascular health, as well as other health problems. Other studies have shown the benefit of a network of social support, including the following: Improving the ability to cope with stressful situations Alleviating the effects of emotional distress Promoting lifelong good mental health Enhancing self-esteem Lowering cardiovascular risks, such as lowering blood pressure Promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors Encouraging adherence to a treatment plan Cultivating your social support network If you want to improve your mental health and your ability to combat stress, surround yourself with at least a few good friends and confidants.

Here are some ideas for building your social network: Join a gym or fitness group. Incorporating physical fitness into your day is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

You can make friends while you exercise. Look at gyms in your area or check a local community center. A local college or community education course puts you in contact with others who share similar hobbies or pursuits. Social networking sites can help you stay connected with friends and family.

Many good sites exist for people going through stressful times, such as chronic illness, loss of a loved one, a new baby, divorce and other life changes. Be sure to stick to reputable sites, and be cautious about arranging in-person meetings.

The foundation of social networks A successful relationship is a two-way street that requires your active participation. Here are some suggestions for nurturing your relationships: Answering phone calls, returning emails and reciprocating invitations let people know you care.

Be happy instead of jealous when your friends succeed. Be a good listener. Listen when your friends are speaking. Be careful not to overwhelm friends and family with phone calls and emails. Save those high-demand times for when you really need them.

The support for art in the us

Appreciate your friends and family. Take time to say thank you and express how important they are to you. Be available for family and friends when they need support. The bottom line Mayo Clinic Connect Remember that a goal of building your social support network is to reduce your stress level, not add to it.

Watch for situations that seem to drain your energy. For example, avoid spending too much time with someone who is constantly negative and critical.

The support for art in the us

Similarly, steer clear of people involved in unhealthy behaviors, such as alcohol or substance abuse. Taking the time to build a social support network is a wise investment not only in your mental well-being but also in your physical health and longevity.

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