True friend or opportunist

The details were sketchy, but he gave me the name. I then spoke to her family today Friday. The news was true.

True friend or opportunist

Definitions[ edit ] Opportunism is the conscious policy and practice of taking selfish advantage of circumstances. Opportunism is sometimes defined as the ability to capitalize on the mistakes of others: For the sake of doing something that will work, or that successfully solves the problem, a previously agreed principle is knowingly compromised or disregarded - with the justification that alternative actions would, overall, have a worse effect.

In choosing or seizing opportunities, human opportunism is most likely to occur where: People can make the most gains for themselves at the least cost to themselves. Relevant internal or external controls on their behaviour are absent.

People are pressured to choose and act. Criticism of opportunism usually refers to a situation where beliefs and principles are tested or challenged. Human opportunism should not be confused with "seeking opportunities" as such, or "making use of opportunities when they arise".

Opportunism refers rather to a specific way of responding to opportunities, which involves the element of self-interestedness plus disregard for relevant ethical principles, or for intended or previously agreed goals, or for the shared concerns of a group. According to this redefinition, "opportunism" is a euphemism for "entrepreneurship".

Etymology[ edit ] In the early 19th century, the term "opportunist" as noun or adjective was already known and used in several European languages, but initially it rarely referred to political processes or to a political tendency.

The English term "opportunism" is possibly borrowed originally from the Italian expression opportunismo. In 19th-century Italian politics, it meant "exploiting the prevailing circumstances or opportunities to gain immediate advantage for oneself or one's own group".

True friend or opportunist

However, it is more likely that the English expression was directly borrowed from the French term, when it began to refer specifically to the opportunist Republicanssince the term first entered the English language in the early s.

Moral connotations[ edit ] As a style of human behaviour, opportunism has the connotation of a lack of integrityor doing something that is out of character inconsistent. The underlying thought is that the price of the unrestrained pursuit of selfishness is behavioural inconsistency.

Thus, opportunism involves compromising some or other principle normally upheld. However, the boundary between "legitimate self-interest" and "undesirable or anti-social selfishness" can be difficult to define; the definition may depend on one's point of view, or position in life.

Thus, the British Conservative statesman Stanley Baldwin is supposed to have quipped: It can also be viewed as a striving to realize or express certain principles.

However, the moral dilemma implied by opportunism concerns the conflict of self-interest with the interests of others, or with following a principle: Thus, substantively, opportunism refers to someone who acts on opportunities in a self-interested, biased or one-sided manner that conflicts or contrasts in some way with a more general rule, law, norm, or principle.

The fact that the self-interested action evokes this conflict, often implies that the tendency to use opportunities to advantage is excessive or improper, the corollary being a deficiency of character or at least a lack of propriety.

Hence the term opportunism often has the pejorative connotation of morally unsound behaviour, or behaviour that sacrifices a greater good for the sake of gaining an advantage for oneself or one's own group.

Moralists may have a distaste for opportunism, insofar as opportunism implies the violation of a moral Everybody Behaves Badly: The True Story Behind Hemingway's Masterpiece The Sun Also Rises (): Lesley M.


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Blume: Books. Friends are plenty when the purse is full. But most of our friends are fair-weather friends. They are time servers. There are very few strand by us through thick and thin.

Prosperity gains friends but diversity tries them. Adversity is the touchstone of friendship.


A friend in need is a friend. Long before the day I was graciously afforded the opportunity to write on this blog I have been contemptuous of Barack Obama.

True friend or opportunist

Time has only heightened that contempt. Two stories that parallel each other demonstrate just how.


A Rent Boy Named Sue (Just this one.) Slapheaded It-Whore James Guckert has just celebrated the one-year anniversary of his infamous -- and inaccurate -- Harry Reid soup lines question to George W.

Bush. We all know what happened next. As James is likely aware, the statute of limitations for libel and slander in many jurisdictions is one year . Hi, For far too long police have hands tied behind their backs, when dealing with scum like Floyd. They should be allowed to give him Truth serum again & again, until they get the answers they need!

No one should be allowed to live for . My friend, It doesnt matter where he is living as long as he has presented the pure oromo (oppressed people in Ethiopia, and selectively targeted identity by all the successive Ethiopian regimes) mentality.

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