Write a short story of the history and development of computer

Email Chekhov centre, reading is widely acknowledged as the greatest ever short story writer Let us begin at a notional beginning. I have an image in my head of a band of Neanderthals or some similar troupe of humanoids hunkered round the fire at the cave-mouth as the night is drawing in.

Write a short story of the history and development of computer

Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! But the short story can be a more versatile genre than your high school English teacher sermonized.

If we abide by too narrow a view, we may restrict or dilute our subjects or abandon potentially powerful ideas. Guest post by Noelle Sterne. She has also published pieces in anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Soul books; has contributed several columns to writing publications; and recently became a volunteer judge for Rate Your Story.

Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation: Coping with the Emotional, Interpersonal, and Spiritual Struggles. Forgive Yourself and Go After Your Dreams Unity Books,she draws examples from her academic consulting and other aspects of life to help readers release regrets, relabel their past, and reach their lifelong yearnings.

Her webinar about the book can be seen on YouTube. Expansion in short stories is rarely, if ever, discussed in texts or fiction seminars and may sound a lot like background, setting, exposition, or backstory. These stories carry a greater perspective and elicit more powerful responses than the more typical narrower story.

When you expand the scope of your story, you can encompass grand events—physical, historical, generational, psychological, emotional. Contrasting Examples Look at these two passages mine. The first is conventional: From earliest childhood, Jason knew this was what to expect.

write a short story of the history and development of computer

It was almost a family tradition. The second is an expansion: Patriarchal discipline was ingrained into the very fabric of the family. It always got transmitted in torturous exactness from father to son to son—and even to sons-in-law by some bonded osmotic process as men married into the family.

None of the children could escape, and this oppressive mantle was now being passed to Jason. Both establish necessary grounding, but the expanded dimension is wider.

The design is larger, and the discipline is passed down through the generations. The range is also more courageous than the customary background. You are asked to push beyond the accepted rules of the short story—and you may land at the edge of a novel.

This would be straying from the promised focus—Jason. Expand in Relation to Your Story The successful expansion must relate precisely to the heart of your story.

On a balmy summer day, the citizens of a typically pleasant small town gather as if at a county fair. The original paraphernalia for the lottery had been lost long ago. There was a story that the present box had been made with some pieces of the box that had preceded it, the one that had been constructed when the first people settled down to make a village here.

By now it was no longer completely black but splintered badly along one side to show the original wood color, and in some places faded or stained.

Brief History Of Computer

This precise and detailed account emphasizes the centrality of the black box to the ancient, outdated rite that is still mandatory. With this background established, Jackson quickly refocuses on the present.

Transition Smoothly Your expansion requires a smooth introduction and will later need a graceful exit. But, as in Jackson, when the expansion takes place a few paragraphs into the story, we must watch its entry and departure. Martin and his oldest son, Baxter, came forward to hold the box steady on the stool while Mr.

Summers stirred up the papers inside it. Notice her almost exact repetition of the words as in the expansion. Martin and his oldest son, Baxter, held the black box securely on the stool until Mr. Summers had stirred the papers thoroughly with his hand. Jackson uses the expansion here and the minute, repetitive detail before and after it to elongate the action, heighten the tension, and rivet our attention.

Test it by expanding or reining it in. At the start of an early draft, I described how the teachers ignored Casey and lavished attention on his nemesis, Clive, the perfect student.Jun 15,  · i want to write a story, so what is the best program on my compute to do this This thread is locked.

write a short story of the history and development of computer

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. 3, - 7, Words. The most important difference between a short story, novelette, novella, and a novel is the word count.

An average short story usually has at least 3, words and no more than 7, Mar 30,  · A short story is a great way to try your hand at creative writing. These steps will help you to write a short story that expresses your unique point of view. Step 1: Brainstorm.

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development of computer Actually speaking electronic data processing does not go back more than just half a centaury i.e. they are in existence merely from early ’s. In early days when our ancestor used to reside in cave the counting was a problem.

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